MEDORAH® Foreign Body Forceps

MEDORAH® Foreign Body Forceps

Medorah Meditek offers various models of grasping forceps to accommodate the various types of foreign bodies. In addition, the models have different jaw shapes and working lengths.

Key Features:

  • For polyps and foreign body removal
  • Atraumatic tips to minimize tissue damage
  • Available in rat tooth, alligator and hybrid shapes

Foreign Body Forceps consist of a flexible metallic tube that encloses a metallic wire. At the distal end of the metallic wire, the jaw is attached to grasp the foreign body. Sliding the slider back and forth over the handle body to open and close the jaws. The slider simultaneously actuates the dual pull wires, each of which runs the device’s length and terminates with a connection to the jaw. The dual-pull wire design allows the jaws to pivot, thus enabling tissue acquisition with a tangential approach if desired. Using these forceps, the user can grasp tissue and retrieve foreign bodies, excised tissue, and stents from within the gastrointestinal tract.



Model NameReference No.Catheter Length (cm)O. D. (mm)
Rat tooth21161602.4
Rat tooth + Alligator (Hybrid)23282302.4