JAQUAR™ ERCP Guidewire

JAQUAR™ ERCP Guidewire

It is designed to direct a catheter to the desired anatomical location for use in the endoscopic treatment of the biliary and pancreatic ducts.
JAQUAR™ 0.025- and 0.035-inch guidewires are available in 450cm working lengths, with straight and angled tips. In addition, JAQUAR™ Slim Guidewire available in 0.025-inch provides extra strength compared to the regular 0.025-inch guidewire. All these guidewires provide clear endoscopic visualisation for improved stricture management, and the guidewires’ tips are radiopaque hence easily visible under X-ray.

Key Features:

  • Improved tip flexibility for easier navigation in tight duct anatomy in case of strictures.
  • Tapered angled tips for excellent torque control and optimal flexibility.
  • 5cm hydrophilic tip for effective navigation in complex anatomy.
    • JAQUAR™ Orange and Blue pattern and JAQUAR™ Slim Black and White pattern provide clear endoscopic visualization, thereby reducing the need for fluoroscopy.




Model NameGuidewire TypeDistal Tip O.D (inch)Working Length (cm)Packing Unit
JAQUAR Slim (Extra Strength)Straight.0254502/box