CAPTOR® triple lumen Stone extraction balloons

CAPTOR® triple lumen Stone extraction balloons

New CAPTOR® Triple Lumen Stone Extraction Balloons are equipped with both endoscopic and fluoroscopic indicators providing a reliable solution for biliary stone extraction. The device has an atraumatic catheter tip for safe passage into the papilla and the bile duct. Captor® Stone retrieval balloon has apple shape that lies flat against the bile duct wall, facilitating efficient stone removal.

Key Features:

  • New and improved balloon provides excellent strength and reliability.
  • Three separate lumens for guide wire, injection and inflation make the insertion and radiography more convenient.
  • Balloon hybrid material provides excellent durability and resistance to breakage.
  • Newly developed stiff catheter improves pushability of the device allowing easy removal of stones that are impacted within the bile duct.
  • Unique distal tapered tip of size 5.6Fr allows smooth catheter insertion into the papilla and CBD pushing past the stone or stricture.
  • Endoscopic markers present on the distal tip of the device enables easy, precise positioning of the balloon.
  • Equipped with radiopaque markers for enhanced fluoroscopic visualization of the device.




Reference No.Balloon Inflated O.D. (mm)Catheter O.D. (Fr./mm)Minimum Working Channel (mm)Catheter Length (cm)
73049-12-157 / 2.332.8200
12-15-187 / 2.332.8200