MEDORAH® Cleaning Brush

MEDORAH® Cleaning Brush

Used for cleaning the accessory channels of endoscopes.

Key Features:

  • High-density nylon bristles for better cleaning
  • Atraumatic Round tip preserves the biopsy channel
  • Exclusive combination type that allows the simultaneous cleaning of Biopsy and Air/water channel
  • Dual End exclusive Brush for valve Cleaning
  • Available individually or as kit with a valve cleaning brush
  • Packaged non-sterile for single use.




Model NameReference No.Catheter Diameter (mm)Catheter Length (cm)Brush Diamensions (mm)
Brush 1: Channel cleaning brush19411.7240Brush 1 - 5X20
Brush 2: Valve cleaning brush1941150N/A
Brush 2 - 5X20 & 11X35

Dual end Channel / Valve Cleaning Brush19171.7
240End 1 - 5X20
End 2 - 10X35