FORENET® Foreign Body Retrieval Net

FORENET® Foreign Body Retrieval Net

Foreign Body Retrieval Net is used for endoscopic removal of foreign bodies from the Gastrointestinal tract and Respiratory tract.

Key Features:

  • Single-use disposable device avoids risk of cross-contamination.
  • Strong nylon material used for net provides strength and durability throughout the procedure
  • Reliable design opening of net to full capacity to effectively grasp tissue, foreign body or food bolus
  • Continued visibility throughout the net


Reference No.Sheath Diameter (mm)Length (cm)Approximate Net Size (mm)Minimum Working Channel (mm)
23362.523030 X 602.8
23462.523040 X 652.8
23181.816030 X 602.0
23251.812025 X 552.0