Best Endoscopy Equipment Manufacturer in India

Best Endoscopy Equipment Manufacturer in India

We, at Medorah, are one of the leading Endoscopy equipment manufacturers supplying high-quality accessories conforming to international standards at cost-effective prices.

So, what is endoscopy?

It is a procedure in which specialized instruments called endoscopes are used by the doctor to visualize the interiors of the body and perform operations on internal vessels and organs. Endoscopy has been proven to help doctors see major problems inside the body, without making big cuts or incisions.

During endoscopy, an endoscope is inserted by the surgeon through a small cut or an opening in the body like mouth or anus. It is a flexible tube, which has a camera attached to it and permits the doctor to see inside the body. The doctors also use scissors and forceps attached to the endoscope to do surgery or remove tissue for biopsy. Bite blocks are useful endoscopy devices, which improve patient comfort and enhance procedural efficacy by reducing gag effect and help in the insertion of the endoscope. Biopsy forceps are used to extract tissue for conducting biopsies.

Endoscopy devices have advanced much in recent years, permitting some form of surgery to be performed by using a modified endoscope. This results in a minimally invasive surgery. Certain procedures like esophageal dilatation, removing the gall bladder or removing tumours from the Gastro Intestinal (GI) tract, are now very common.



    Endoscopic Equipments @ Medorah

    We, at Medorah, a leading manufacturer and endoscopy products dealer sell highly useful endoscopy accessories ranging from Bougie dilator and biliary stent to Polypectomy snare and Captor Stone Extraction balloon. We don’t compromise with the quality and strictly adhere with regulatory guidelines.

    • Bougie Dilator – It is used for dilation of oesophageal strictures of the GI tract. It is equipped with radiopaque markers for visualization under X-ray.
    • Captor Stone Extraction Balloon – It is used to dilate the sphincter muscle and for endoscopic removal of stones from the biliary system.
    • Channel Cleaning Brush – It has nylon, soft bristles for effective cleaning.
    • Biopsy Forceps – They are made of stainless steel cups used to obtain endoscopic mucosal tissue biopsies or foreign bodies.
    • Foreign Body Forceps – They help grasp tissue or foreign bodies, stents and excised tissue from within the GI tract.
    • Foreign body Removal Net-It helps in the retrieval of foreign bodies and excised tissue like polyps.
    • Hemoclips – It used for endoscopic clip placement within the GI tract for hemostasis or endoscopic marking.
    • Inflation Device – It is used to deflate or inflate balloon catheters.
    • ERCP Guidewire– It is designed to direct a catheter to the desired anatomical location for use in the endoscopic treatment of pancreatic and biliary ducts.
    • Multi-stage balloon dilator– It used for endoscopic dilation of various structures in the GI tract.
    • Plastic Biliary Stent – It is used for treating bile duct obstruction caused by benign or malignant tumors.
    • Polypectomy Snares – It helps in removing and dissecting polyps from the GI tract.
    • Stone Retrieval Basket – It helps in retrieving stones from biliary ducts and foreign bodies from the GI tract.