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About Medorah Meditek

Medorah Meditek Pvt Ltd is an ISO 13485 Certified Indian medical device manufacturing company with its headquarters in Delhi. We began our operations in India in the year 2016. Our business primarily focuses on the Gastroenterology and Cardiology range of products.

We aim to offer great technological advancements in the medical device industry to improve the quality of healthcare standards globally.

Keeping the requirements of both the regulatory authorities and our customers in mind, we are leading in the industry in terms of design, development, manufacturing and sales of innovative medical devices critical to gastroenterology and cardiology.

Our purpose of existence is to contribute to the human welfare and to make healthcare accessible and affordable globally.

Our Mission continues to guide us and reminds us that we are helping India in transforming the lives of millions of people who otherwise would not be able to afford quality healthcare.

Quality Policy

Why Medorah Meditek ?

Medorah Meditek is dedicated to transforming lives with remarkable innovations and technologies that help improve the healthcare standards and provides clinicians with simpler and effective solutions around the globe.

  • We thoroughly research the market to understand current user needs and requirements.
  • By collaborating with stakeholders to solve their complex problems, we design and develop solutions that matter most to healthcare providers.
  • We are a true professionally run business that works with a goal of making healthcare both accessible and affordable across the world.
  • We are committed to use our technologies, capabilities and expertise to seek new innovations to address healthcare concerns and deliver the best solutions possible.
  • Under the โ€œMake in Indiaโ€ platform, we aim to significantly bring down imports dependency in the Indian scenario, thereby reducing healthcare costs and promoting local innovation.
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Recognized as one of the committed providers of innovative and cost-effective products in the medical industry, we work towards designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing advanced medical devices keeping the requirements of both customers and regulatory authorities in mind.


    Medorah as Endoscopy Medical Device Manufacturers

    Best Endoscopy Accessories @ Medorah

    Surgical tools for endoscopy are becoming more complex and smaller, with every passing day. We, at Medorah, have become the manufacturer and supplier of various devices used in endoscopy procedures for the past many years.

    Medorahย  asย  Endoscopyย  Medicalย  Device Manufacturers

    Medorah with its expert workforce, state-of-the-art technology and advanced R&D centre, develops, assembles and manufactures endoscopic components used in the field of Gastroenterology. Our wide experience in this medical device market permits us to work closely with healthcare industry in a mode that completely results in highly specialized and innovative endoscopic solutions.

    Endoscopic Instruments

    Endoscopic surgery is a relatively new procedure which serves as a better alternative to traditional open surgery. Such surgery is also referred to as Minimally Invasive Surgery and endoscopic procedures have created a special field which demands specialized instruments.

    Endoscopic instruments range from special devices like stents to common ones like hemoclips. By specializing in instruments such as biliary stent, hemoclips, bite blocks, stone retrieval basket, biopsy forceps, multi stage balloon dilator, polypectomy snare, etc., Medorah prides itself on being positioned as the leading endoscopy accessories manufacturer and supplier for complicated and innovative procedures.

    Endoscopic procedures involving these unique instruments require components with high reliability and precision. Endoscopy devices manufacturer manufactures these instruments from highly specialized metals such as Titanium and Nitinol.

    Our customers approach us, seeking the expertise and knowledge base of our company with regard to endoscopy technology and use our 'Centre of Excellence' for endoscopic applications. This helps build compelling partnerships and serve as a corner stone for future relationships.

    In recent times, there has been an increase in endoscopic applications like ECTR, Endoscopicย Mazeย Technique, and removal of gall bladder. With such medical breakthroughs, there results innovations in medical tool usage. ย Many surgical instruments designed and used in traditional open surgeries have been adapted to use in endoscopy.

    We, at Medorah, as a prominent endoscopy deviceย manufacturer, take the leading position with regard to endoscopic tools and instruments and work with surgeons to design instruments particularly for minimally invasive procedures.

    Endoscopy and Digestive Diseases

    Endoscopy is a non-surgical way to examine the digestive tract of a person. Through an endoscope, a flexible tube which is attached to a camera and light, your doctor can view pictures of your digestive tract on a colour TV monitor.

    During an upper endoscopy, an endoscope is passed via the mouth and throat and into the oesophagus permitting the doctor to view the stomach, oesophagus, and upper portion of small intestine.

    Likewise, endoscopy devices can be passed into the colon (large intestine), through the rectum to examine this part of the intestine. The process is called as colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy based upon how far up the colon is examined.

    A special kind of endoscopy called as ERCP (Eendoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreaticography), helps to take pictures of gall bladder, pancreas and related structures. ERCP is used additionally for biopsies and stent placement.

    EUS or Endoscopic Ultrasound combines ultrasound with upper endoscopy to obtain information and images about various portions of the GI tract

    When is endoscopy recommended?

    Doctors will recommend endoscopy to judge:

    • Stomach pain
    • Difficulty in swallowing, gastritis, ulcers
    • Bleeding in GI tract
    • Changes in bowel habits (diarrhoea or chronic constipation)
    • Growths like polyps in the colon

    Additionally, the doctor may opt for endoscopy to conduct a biopsy (removal of tissue sample) to investigate any GI disease.

    Endoscopy may be used to treat a problem in the digestive tract. For instance, the endoscope may not only detect active bleeding from an ulcer, but devices can pass via the endoscope to stop bleeding. In case of the colon, polyps can be removed by the device to prevent colon cancer. ERCP can be used for removal of gall stones. Which have passed outside the gall bladder and into the bile duct.


    Mostly, endoscopy is a safe procedure. But the procedure has a few potential complications, such as:

    • Tear in the gut wall ( perforation)
    • Infection
    • Reaction to sedation
    • Pancreatitis ( in case of ERCP)
    • Bleeding

    Who performs endoscopy?

    The consultant doctor can conduct sigmoidoscopy in his office. But all other endoscopy procedures are conducted only by Gastroenterologists (GI Specialists). GI surgeons can also conduct these procedures.

    How to prepare?

    • Gut preparation is first by fasting for 6-8 hours before the procedure and consuming laxatives to get rid of stool for examining colon.
    • Sedation may be provided for this procedure for patientโ€™s comfort.
    • General anaesthesia is given in special circumstances (like young children).

    These are all aspects of endoscopy in case of GI treatments. Medorah provides the high-quality devices for GI endoscopy.

    Our Products

    An Indian company that is raising medical devices manufacturing standards in India under Make In India campaign.Striving to bring great technological advancements as well as renewed levels of excellence in our products and services.

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