In case you have an impending endoscopy or colonoscopy coming up, it is natural to be worried and wish to be prepared physically and emotionally.

During a colonoscopy, a flexible, narrow camera is inserted via the rectum to examine the bowel. It is used to detect swollen and irritated tissue, polyp growths and ulcers. An endoscopy uses the same tool but it is inserted through the nose or mouth to examine the insides of the body.

There are many kinds of endoscopy. Upper GI endoscopy may use the tool to check structural problems and peptic ulcers and also if you suffer from GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease). This endoscopy can also detect hiatal hernia. Endoscopic hemoclip is a small metallic device used to ligate blood vessels and stop bleeding. Doctors source hemoclips from endoscopic hemoclip products distributor, who may be found online.

It is good to be prepared for both kinds of oscopies for a smooth process. Here are some general tips:

Avoid Self Diagnosis

If you do too much research, you will be stressed and anxious about the procedure. Avoid doing too much online research about the procedure and rely on your doctor instead. Use relaxation techniques to calm down.

Discuss Medical Conditions

Ensure that you inform doctor about your health conditions like pregnancy, cancer or heart disease. This is needed to take any precautionary measures.

Discuss Allergies and Medicines

Inform doctor about any allergies and any over the counter or prescription medication you are taking. Medications which have much impact are: anti-inflammatory medication, heparin, warfarin, aspirin and other blood thinners. Also any diabetic medication, anti-depressants etc. must be considered. Dosage must be adjusted only as per doctor’s instructions.

Awareness of Risks

Complications are rare but include:

  • Aspiration: when liquids or food gets into the lungs.
  • Allergic reactions
  • Interference of sedatives with other medication
  • Bleeding can occur in case of biopsy or removal of polyps.
  • Tearing of tissues can occur rarely

Arrange For Ride Home

During endoscopy, you are likely to be administered a narcotic and sedative for helping you to relax. So it is better you don’t drive home on your own after the procedure. Arrange for someoneelse to drive you home, since you will feel drowsy.

Keep a Diet

You must not eat or drink anything from the midnight before the procedure, including mints and gums. However, you can typically consume clear liquids after midnight up to 6 hours before the endoscopy or colonoscopy. Clear liquids include cream less coffee, water, clear soda, apple juice, broth etc. Avoid red or orange drinks.

Dress for Comfort

Though you will be given medicines to relax, endoscopy and colonoscopy may be uncomfortable. Dress up in comfortable attire and remove all jewellery. Before the procedure, you have to remove your dentures and glasses, if any. Bring along a change of underwear.

Bring Along Papers

Ensure that you sign and keep ready any consent forms presented by the doctor. Prepare the paper work before hand and don’t forget to carry it to the hospital.

Plan Time to Recover

You may feel some pain and discomfort after the procedure and medication may take some time to wear off. It is good to take a few days before re-joining work or making major life decisions.

These are all some tips to prepare for oscopies.

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